hedge trimming

Quality Hedge Maintenance

Hedge trimming should be carried out twice yearly to keep your hedge under control and in Bristol fashion. We specialize in trimming the tops and sides of any size hedges in Stoke Bishop, Abbots Leigh, Leigh Woods, Portishead, Nailsea, Somerset and Gloucestershire.

Hedges we commonly cut include:

  • Wisteria – a lovely purple flower, Wisteria grows profusely and needs pruning twice a year.
  • Leylandii and Fern – a common evergreen border, they can get out of control if not cut back at least once a year
  • Beech – looks fabulous in the autumn as the leaves turn brown, regular care ensures that hedges remains thick and coverage is healthy
  • Laurel and Privet – Evergreen and very shapely, these hedges can be cut to shape with regular care and attention. We can also offer Topiary as a hedge trimming service
  • Rose, wild cherry, yew and many many more.

We always clear up afterwards, even sweeping pavements and driveways as needed and we dispose of the trimmings in an environmental and responsible way.